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Recent Projects:

Heros, Companionship And A Glimpse Of Madness.

When it comes to creating innovative steel cutting machinery, GeGa Group is global market leader. The brief was clear: Relaunch the brand to better reach the core audience and start executing right away. A deep customer analysis led to a clear repositioning of the GeGa brand and media production was started immediately.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

There are people in this world that love to cook. For those who don't and still want to eat healthy, web start-up Kukimi comes to the rescue. My role with Kukimi: Co-Founder and Entrepreneur in Residence through Atlantic Internet, a seed-investment vehicle led by Christophe Maire.

Just Build It.

Alabin is an open source project, led by curiosity and the urge to learn hardware prototyping. It is based on an Arduino, an omnidirectional barcode scanner, a GSM-Shield and an awesome summer in Berlin with Mr. Philipp Skribanowitz.

"Koks und Nutten."

Back in the days, I was as a copywriter at Jung von Matt/Elbe. With my team, I won a bronze Art Directors Club (ADC) Nail, another award at VISUAL LEADERS and was shortlisted at the Golden Award of Montreux. Whew! I left the agency after my six month internship.

KHD Advert

Bankers and Design Thinking?

Once a year Deutsche Bank does something unexpected: The giant invites creative talent into their halls to solve a specific problem within the banking industry. I was part of this project in 2012. It took six month, was based on Design Thinking as core innovation method and coached by St. Gallen University and Stanford University.

A machine called Edward.

My mate Malte Windwehr and I invented Edward. Best live communication tool on earth? Ok, photo booth - on crack! Results are displayed throughout event venues, uploaded onto dedicated microsites or printed and framed - all within the blink of an eye, right on location. We took him to fashion shows, industry gatherings, weddings, bunker parties - and your mom's place.

Experiencing Renewable Energies.

Energy Island is based on the conviction that for people to 'get' stuff, they need to 'touch' it . We worked on a concept for children and adults alike to 'get' renewable energies. The idea was to upcycle a decomissioned ferry boat at Lake Constance and turn it into a floating experimentation and learning platform, running entirely on green tech. Hey, we won two national awards with this stuff!

Get your daily dose.

Zeppelin University (ZU) aims to provide a broad perspective on social, political and economic topics. The intention of ZU-Daily: Make scientific insights available and understandable to non-university readers. I supported the Team with Design Thinking Workshops.

Welcome to the MTV News

I spent some time at MTV Berlin as an editor with their news division - the News Mag. I worked with Markus Kavka and had a ball. The show was discontinued in 2010. What can I say.

This is Max.

Lame Puns.

Max Stralka is a native in the wild, wild Internet lands. If you want to learn more about his work in product design, app concepts and brand strategy, get in touch.


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