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Design Quotes:

  • “Nature is probably the biggest inspiration for all things. Harmony exists in nature; all you need to do is translate it to the digital world, on the medium that you’re designing for. You’d want to pick a color based on something that is naturally beautiful like the sky, clouds, sunsets and plants.” (Link)

  • “As little design as possible” (Link)

Touch Swipe Left And Right

Drag a div left or right. If it's not dragged more then 50% of the screenwidth, it will bounce back to its original position. If dragged more then 50% in one direction, the div will slide out towards this direction. Dragging functionality is based on draggabilly. Using purely JavaScript - no jQuery needed.

Terminal Commands (Mac OS X)

  • ditto Folder_A Folder_B → Merge Folder_A into Folder_B (Including all Subfolders)

  • rm -rf directory → Force remove a folder

  • ls → list files

    • ‘ls -a’ → lists also the hidden files

    • ‘ls -l’ → show access rights

  • mkdir →  Create new directory (folder)

  • cd .. → Eben ebene nach unten in der Folder-Struktur

  • cd ~ → { Tilde: [Alt] + n on a Mac }  go to home folder

  • mv → Move files (‘mv <name> <destination>’)

  • cp → Copy (‘cp <name> <destination>’)

  • rm → Remove (Watch out: Files are deleted permanently!)

    • ‘rm <name> → Remove a file

    • ‘rm -r <name> → Remove a directory

  • clear → Clears the screen from previous commands

  • touch test.txt → Makes a blank/empty file (‘touch test’, creates the file test)

  • pwd → Shows current path: /Users/username/Current/Folder

  • man >command< → displays the manual for the command (Quit with “q”

  • killall >Application name< → Quits the named Application

  • whoami → shows current user

  • history → shows all previews commands

  • wget → Download Data from url

  • sudo reboot → Reboot Computer

  • sudo halt → Shut Down Computer

  • chmod → change access rights to Files

  • say Hi! → Computer speaks the Words after Say

  • vi filename→ Creates or opens a file in editor (vi" for "visual")

    • To close and save type: :q!

  • scp -i keyfile.pem /Users/username/Documents/folder/etc/local.xml ec2-user@ → Upload a file to a server

  • scp -r -i keyfile.pem ec2-user@ /Users/username/Documents/directory/ → Download folder from server

  • curl; echo → Own current public IP address

  • defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool FALSE → Prevent applications from saving to iCloud by default (undo command here: Link)

  • top → View All Active Processes

  • ls -l filename → Displays Rights of file

  • mdfind -onlyin ~/Documents Skateboard → uses spotlight to search for a word in certain folder

  • screencapture -M image.png → takes screenshot and puts it into a new email

  • ifconfig → Shows all network parameters (i.e. own IP

  • sudo tcpdump → Shows current tcp traffic (in and out) from your computer

  • ping → Sends packages to check if connection works

  • netstat -rn → show network status

  • dig → DNS lookup utility

  • pwd | pbcopy → Copy current working directory to clipboard

  • find . -size 1033c → looks in the current directory (and all directories in it) for a file with the size of 1033 Bytes

  • find . -size 33c 2>/dev/null → Hide ‘Permission denied’ files and only show files where you have access to

  • traceroute →  prints the route data packets take to network host

  • ln -s → creates Symlink (i.e. ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text" ~/bin/subl)

  • locate filename → Find files and folders (only uses System Files and discards personal user files)

  • mdfind filename → uses the Spotlight index to find files

  • airport -I → Display Information on current wifi-status

  • diskutil list → Lists current portions on drive

  • crontab -l → displays all cronjobs

  • crontab -r → clears cronjob list

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